Since 2014, Kyah Resources has grown from a mid-sized forestry operation to a full service civil contractor.

A 50/50, fully Indigenous-owned partnership between Roga Group and Witset First Nation, we are a community business. To date, we have onboarded over 100 First Nations individuals from Witset First Nation and neighbouring communities. 

We're building a strong, local economy for current and future generations.


Proudly majority-owned by the Witset First Nation in partnership with Indigenous-owned Roga Contracting Ltd, Kyah Resources Inc. is the product of a relationship that leverages shared value and is built on mutual respect.


Witset First Nation

  • The largest Wet’suwet’en community, home to over 600 on-reserve members and 1,100 off-reserve members.
  • Witset First Nation is located 30 km west of Smithers, B.C.
  • Rights and Title to a Traditional Territory of over 22,000 sq km (Wet’suwet’en Territory), and a community history dating back over 5,000 years.


Roga Contracting Ltd

  • Full-service civil construction and forestry company operating throughout British Columbia.
  • Wet’suwet’en-owned – with Indigenous leadership at many levels.
  • Fifty years of experience in forestry
  • Harvests over 1.25 million cubic meters of timber annually.