Leading the Way in Equipment-Based Projects


Diverse Expertise in Northwest B.C.

Kyah Resources stands as a leader in Northwest British Columbia for equipment-based project work. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Timber Harvesting and Land Preparation: Skilled in timber harvesting, clearing, and preparing sites for various purposes, including construction of heli-pads and laydown sites.

  • Road Construction in Challenging Terrain: Specializing in building roads through mountainous terrains, encompassing drilling, blasting, excavation, surfacing, and bridge installation.

  • Civil Services for Industrial Platforms: Providing basic civil services to construct key industrial infrastructure like laydown yards, building sites, and camp pads.



Additionally, we bring our comprehensive project management and construction services to sectors such as oil and gas, mining, forestry, and utilities, particularly in Northwest B.C.


Commitment to Safe and Professional Management

At Kyah Resources, safe and responsible management are at the core of our operations. We employ a team of permanent, qualified professionals in project management, safety, and administration. This enables us to provide thorough in-house onboarding and site-specific training, ensuring every project is executed with the highest safety standards.


Empowering Communities Through Asset Ownership

Unique to Kyah Resources is our complete ownership of heavy equipment for timber harvesting and civil construction, ready to tackle a wide array of equipment-based tasks. These assets are more than just tools for us; they represent building equity for the Witset First Nation. Unlike many contractors who offer a limited profit share, Kyah Resources stands as a fully Indigenous-owned, community-based company. With Witset First Nation as an equal shareholder, we ensure that equity and profits are shared, reinforcing our commitment to community prosperity.

Together, we are dedicated to growing our asset base and enhancing local skills capacity, aiming to complete future projects and create lasting economic opportunities for our community members.



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